Reviewer Guideline

Objective Reviews: Reviewers are expected to provide impartial and fair assessments of the articles they review.

Confidentiality Protocol: Reviewers must keep the content of reviewed articles confidential, refraining from disclosing information about the authors.

Assessment Criteria: Articles should be evaluated based on criteria like originality, methodology, contribution to science, and how clearly they're written.

Thorough Evaluation: Reviewers should deeply analyze assigned articles using their expertise. The review should be documented in a detailed report, highlighting strengths and areas needing improvement.

Publication Ethics: Reviewers must ensure the manuscript adheres to the journal's ethical standards, reporting any plagiarism or ethical breaches.

Monitoring and Communication: Reviewers need to track the review process and contact journal editors when needed, seeking assistance if required.

Approval Process: Review reports are submitted for the journal's management to decide on publication or necessary revisions.

This guide aims to help reviewers understand their duties, the review process, and ethical guidelines within the journal. Transparency and diligence throughout the review are crucial.