About the Journal

Pharmedicine Journal (Pharmedicine J.) is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes original research articles and invites current reviews covering all aspects of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences, basic medicinal sciences, and life sciences. The Pharmedicine Journal specifically evaluates multidisciplinary collaborative basic science research for its acceptance and is published three times (February, June, and October) a year.

The focus areas of the journal are biochemistry, medicinal chemistry, microbiology, immunology, phytopharmacy, molecular biology, genetics, biotechnology, target drug delivery studies, clinical prodrug development and therapeutics, and nanomedicine.

Experimental research articles help us understand health-related phenomena based on studies conducted in laboratory settings. These articles may include findings obtained through various methods, ranging from molecular biology to genetic research, animal experiments, and cell culture studies. Such articles contribute to the development of new treatment approaches and therapeutic strategies based on fundamental research.

Review articles focus on summarizing and analyzing the existing literature on a specific topic. These articles provide an overview of the current state of knowledge in a particular field and may offer insights and perspectives on future research directions.

Letters to the editor allow readers to express their opinions, share their experiences, or provide additional information related to published articles. These letters facilitate scholarly discussions and encourage the exchange of ideas among researchers and practitioners.